I came to the UK in 2007 to study for MA Hons in Psychology at the University of St Andrews. After graduating with 2:1 in 2010, I progressed to the University of Cambridge (Newnham College) to read for an MPhil in Criminological Research. Then, in 2011, I received a scholarship from the School of Law at the University of Manchester to continue my studies towards a PhD degree in Criminology. It was the same year, October 2011, when I first found myself in front of the big group of third-year Criminology students to deliver the module on Management of Offenders in the Community. Before I knew it, I was completely “taken” by teaching and delivering seminars and I haven’t stopped since that moment. I graduated with my PhD degree in July 2016; I had been teaching all the way throughout the course and continuously since my graduation.

During one of my recent travels, to Namibia, I visited a local primary school in Damaraland region (Grootberg Primary School). I spent precious hours talking to Mrs. Sodina Ngunovandu (inspirational educator and a vice-principal of the school) about the value of hard-work, students’ aspirations, love of learning and passion for teaching. In not the easiest of circumstances, with a fraction of resources that we have at hand here in the UK, she was putting all of her heart and soul into teaching dozens of students. I reckon this was a real eye-opener – I realised how blessed I am to have the opportunities I have, supportive husband (himself, a successful entrepreneur) and grateful students, who I supported in their journey to the University and beyond. I have decided that the time has come for me to use my experience and knowledge to leave my own mark in the “world of tuition.”

Having worked for three years at the Manchester’s School of Law as a seminar leader for modules in undergraduate level Criminology; at three established sixth-form colleges around London – in a capacity of a teacher in Psychology, Sociology and Geography as well as wellbeing support tutor; Psychology enrichment tutor at renowned Alleyn’s School in Dulwich and, finally, as a tutor for several tuition agencies in London, I have gained a wealth of experience regarding most effective methods of not only preparing students for the exams but, maybe most importantly, helping them discover the fun of learning! I have always believed that “the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited” (Plutarch). I pass on my subject knowledge to students but just as important for me is building up their confidence and getting them to realise that learning process is creative, inspiring and enriching. I want to see my students excel but also for them to feel that they have matured and progressed over time and that I have had my role in that process 🙂

Hopefully, you are now thinking that I may provide the support for your child that you have been looking for. If so, do not hesitate to contact me!

CV, references and DBS certificate available upon request.